Infant Sleep Guide


The Sleepy Godmother’s infant Sleep Guide is now available!

My mission is to help parents through the sleepless fog with their baby by to creating routines and systems that work for the entire family. This includes focusing on both daytime and nighttime sleep, along with who your unique baby is.

I want nothing more than for you to feel like yourself again, this 60 page guide is equipped with knowledge and tools to help your little one get the best rest.

In this guide, you will discover valuable information about:

– Safe sleep
– Scheduling and wake windows
– How to handle night wakings
– Sleep strategies for your infant
– Navigating regressions
– Sleep science

If you prefer a DIY approach, you can purchase the guide for yourself or gift it to another mom. Alternatively, you can book a “Ask Anything” 1-hour consultation with me, where I will include the guide and help you understand it better. Say goodbye to the guesswork start feeling well-rested again.

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Infant Sleep Guide


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