June 7    Written by Sophia Duhela

Why Your 0-5-Year-Old Should Have an Early Bedtime

For many parents, offering an early bedtime seems scary. It makes sense…logic would tell us that the earlier someone goes to bed, the earlier they wake in the morning. After all, you’ve likely heard the phrase, “early to bed, early to rise,” right??


May 1    Written by Sophia Duhela

4 Reasons Naps are Crucial + Sample Nap Schedules by Age

Daytime sleep affects nighttime sleep; it’s good for their brain; helps with mood; prevents overtiredness and night wakings; sample nap schedules by age (0-5 years)

April 1    Written by Sophia Duhela

Help Your Child Sleep Better Tonight: How Outdoor Play Can Lead to Better Sleep

I love to do meditation outside with my 7-year-old outside in our backyard. It’s the best feeling when your kids are playing so hard outside and you’re like, “they are going to crash tonight!”

March 1    Written by Sophia Duhela

3 Tips for When You Need to Alter Your Baby’s Schedule

Weddings, birthday parties, doctor appointments, travel days, play groups, music class, etc. – I went to Mexico last year – we brought the travel stroller, my daughter’s lovey, and she knew that if I just gave her the lovey in the stroller she would fall asleep. I was very surprised, but very happy – it was a great sleep association for her, and we were able to enjoy ourselves at our friend’s wedding reception in Cancun.

February 1    Written by Sophia Duhela

Why Your Baby Isn’t Sleeping: Sleep is a Skill You Need to Teach

With my youngest, I didn’t sleep train her until she was closer to 7 months. She was waking throughout the night. The mom guilt “oh, she needs me” and then I’d wake up tired and couldn’t give her 100%. I did some research and learned about sleep training. Afterwards, you have your evenings back. Your child gets way better sleep.

January 1    Written by Sophia Duhela

6 Ideas for Your Child’s Daily Quiet Time

Help families identify if their child still needs to nap or not, Now it’s time to introduce quiet time. What is quiet time? Quiet time ideas. (books, puzzles, playing with dolls, floor play with quieter toys, separate toys just for that time of day, independent craft/coloring activities (mess free)…

December 1    Written by Sophia Duhela

Can Screen Time Affect Sleep?

With the holidays, let them enjoy. I let my own kids watch their iPads. Limit it 2-hours before bedtime. Effects of screentime on sleep. (moderate approach) If I’m working or trying tog et something done around the house, that’s when I’ll give them the iPad or TV. Or in the car. Really, when I need to focus on something. It can be nice to have at a restaurant before the meal comes.

October 30    Written by Sophia Duhela

How to Deal with Mom Guilt: Take Care of Yourself

Meditation, spending time with my husband, watching my favorite shows – Love is Blind, Friends, Modern Family; I make sure the evenings go smoothly with my girls – we try our best to stay on schedule, and that way I have a few hours to wind down and do my own thing before I go to bed.

October 3    Written by Sophia Duhela

Creating a Calming Bedtime Routine for Children

Last Xmas, we had so much going on! My poor daughter. The lack of routines totally disrupted her sleep. She likes the consistency. She likes to know what’s happening next. After I learned the hard way, I made sure to be consistent with her regardless of what is going on. Many parents learn the value of a routine during these busy times.

September 5    Written by Sophia Duhela

Why Kids Going to Bed Early Can Help Your Marriage Thrive | The Importance Explained

When it comes to marriage, maintaining a strong bond and cultivating a healthy relationship is crucial. While the demands of raising children can sometimes make this challenging, there’s a simple solution that many parents overlook: establishing a consistent bedtime routine for kids, ensuring they sleep in their own beds. In this blog, we’ll explore how this practice can benefit your marriage and why it is essential for both you and your little ones.

Hi There! I'm Sophia,

A Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.

I absolutely love working with parents to help their babies sleep better. As a mother of two young girls myself, I understand the challenges parents face when it comes to their little one's sleep.

My fascination with babies sleep patterns began when my oldest daughter was an infant. Friends and family noticed that she was an amazing sleeper, and they were curious about my techniques. I realized that helping babies sleep well came naturally to me.

When my second daughter arrived, I found that my techniques worked for her too, but I knew I could further enhance her sleep routine. That's when I decided to invest in a sleep consultant, and it was a game-changer. Not only did it benefit my daughter, but it also had a profound impact on my own well-being. I had more energy, was able to accomplish tasks during the day, spend my evenings with my partner and saw a significant improvement in my baby's overall mood and happiness.

Motivated by this experience I obtained certification as a pediatric sleep consultant to learn more about the importance of sleep for babies and toddlers, different techniques, and the actual science behind it. I am extremely passionate about helping parents teach their little ones to establish healthy sleep patterns. A happy rested baby means happy rested parents!

My Approach

My process is straightforward. I consider the child and family to create a sleep plan that is as unique as your child. However, the coaching process is much more than just a personalized sleep plan. The support you receive while implementing the plan is equally crucial. Having the ability to ask questions, troubleshoot, and celebrate milestones together can truly make a significant impact.

Parenting today can be quite challenging. It feels like there are opinions and advice coming from every direction, including endless online searches that can leave you feeling unsure about your choices as a mom.

It's time to tune out the noise and focus on what truly matters – finding a solution that will bring you and your baby some much needed rest.

With our customized sleep support, you and your little one can enjoy longer periods of sleep, without spending your entire evening rocking them to sleep. Instead, cherish precious moments with your partner or enjoy some much-needed alone time while your baby enjoys 10-12 hour stretches of sleep. I can help you get your nights back!

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